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SPKP 1622/03
* 20.3.2002, DBK 0/0 (HD A)

f: Vadászfai LÓCI
m: BYSANCE Istropolis Kincse

NEWS: oculistic examination

Hi, my name is Alan and my mummy told me, that I have to say something about me, especially some good results, because she wants to find me some nice girl (and not only one!). Well, first the praises: since my childhood I always had to do something and before I had 20 months I made two versatility tests in Hungary and in Czech republic. I recieved some blue ribbons from shows - I make a lot of fun with them, and I have red one too.. au, mummy knocked me and said, that I have to mention her favourite CAJC-s, CAC-s and CACIB-s. Otherwise I like biscuits, I have really good figure and I am searching for some nice dog young lady for long romantic evenings.

Oh, you should write me e-mail (, mummy will read it to me.