About me





date of birth: 20.3.2002

Dear dog ladies,

you are maybe schocked of my tests results, but that is not my fault! That is caused by my parents! They always say: "you have to work, work, work and you have to have so many tests as possible while you are a child." But I am absolutely normal sporty dog.
Hm, what can I write about me? I live with my family in flat - my daddy and his three girls - Danka (daddy's wife), Zdenka (her daughter) and my mummy (Ivanka, also daughter). They wholly love me - just one so-called "dog look" and Danka serve me her meal. But my mummy with full mouth shouts, that I can't eat such unhealthy things. (haha, mainly that she ever chew some things which smells like chocolate and than stands before mirror absolutely sad, how she is fat!)
Well, I have to say something about my family. My daddy, who I like the most, goes every day to work and only two day a week he reserves for me. But I like him, because he gives me an apple and biscuits every evening and we often train in field. Danka teaches on university, she really likes me and she suffers me in her bed. I beg for food to her and complain, how daddy forces me to obey. Zdenka still sits before computer. Sometimes she gives me biscuits or take me for a walk. And last person in my family is mummy, oh, at least she thinks that she is my mummy. Most she likes me in show ring and she can be cross, if I don't listen to her. She forbid any chocolate to me and in the evening she wallows o.n me. She always says how pretty I am, and that I so thin that she can see my ribs.
And I have stepsister Jenny, full name JENA Istropolis Kincse. She is just like me, but she has some longer hair and moustache. We spent whole day by chasing. She is just a puppy and she likes to eat anything, also things that I not even taste! She bites a lot, even she bites me too, she bites my ears and oh, I am ashamed, well, you know, under tail.
So my dear ladies, if you want to have a date with me, write soon email to my mummy! :-))

Kiss your brown nose, your devoted Alan.